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We are a rice straw paper and packaging company located in Bann Samkha, Lampang province, Thailand. Our products are some of the most environmentally-friendly options on the market, with a manufacturing process that follows the zero waste management approach. We use rice straw in every part of the papermaking process.

Our story

I am Mrs. Jaruwan Khammuang, Fang Thai’s founder and CEO, and I do my best to help my hometown, Bann Samkha in Lampang province, Thailand.


In the village, most of the people work on rice farms as my family does and, after the harvest season, there are not enough jobs and villagers do not have the income to support their families. On the other hand, farmers get rid of the rice straw, the crop residue, by burning it, which produces smoke and CO2 emissions. 


At the same time my husband Nathapol Khammuang and I, also realized that the paper and packaging industry is causing huge environmental problems around the world in terms of deforestation, CO2 and waste management. To transform this global crisis into an opportunity, we decided to make 100% biodegradable paper from rice straw and to avoid using any chemicals during the process. After two years of experimenting and meeting with experts and advisors, we developed a high-quality and environmentally- friendly product!


Currently, we are at full capacity selling small amounts of handicraft products and packaging. However, there are many big clients interested in Fang Thai's products so we need to increase our production capacity. In order to achieve this, we are looking for investors and crowdfunding support.


Fang Thai looks forward to finding more people interested and motivated in this amazing project. We welcome investors, clients and anyone else that would like to contribute to this eco-friendly business.



Our Products

Rice Straw Wet Pulp

Secondary Food and Cosmetics Packaging

Fresh Food&Beverage Packaging

Fang Thai produces and sells a wide range of products using rice straw paper in every part of the process. From wet pulp to customized food and beverage packaging, we have a strong commitment to quality and environmental impact.


Hang Tag and Bags

Notebooks and Paper


Rice Straw Paper

In addition to being one of the most environmentally-friendly options on the market, Fang Thai offers high-quality features at a competitive price:


  • Water, oil and grease resistant paper (more than two hours)

  • High strength paper 

  • Innovative designs made from rice straw paper

  • Non toxic chemicals and 100% biodegradable in 30 days


Our Team

This year, Fang Thai won the Global "Waste Beneficiation" Category award of the Cleantech Open Global Forum 2018, Los Angeles, California, and the Startup Thailand Pitching Challenge 2018

Mrs. Jaruwan Khammuang

Fang Thai's Co-Founder and CEO

Bachelor degree in Arts and a major in Business English

Management and commercial skills


Mr. Nathapol Khammuang

Fang Thai's Co-Founder and Manager

Industrial Engineer

Engineering and management knowledge, as well as technical skills about industrial production

Mrs. Ploychatchanok Viriyathonphan

Advisor for Thailand and international market 

Business experience of more than 30 years


Mr. Manoch Naksata

Advisor expert in material characterizations, pulp and paper.

R&D about rice straw pulp and paper behavior


Mr. Suthaphat Kamthai

Advisor expert in charge of packaging development

R&D about rice straw pulp and paper chemistry


Ms. Nathaporn Khammuang

Accounting officer

3 years experience in the accounting sector


Social Impact

We are working for a better tomorrow. Our mission and objectives are aligned with world's most pressing problems, represented by the Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 2030 defined by the United Nations.

Our Partners


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